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5 Reasons to Visit a Strip Club when in Las Vegas

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5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas Strip ClubsGoing to Las Vegas anytime soon then you may want to spend less time in the casino and a little more time in one of the many Las Vegas strip clubs that are located within this desert city. The fact is 40 million people will visit Las Vegas this year and many of them will spend much of their time in casinos gambling away their hard earned money.

Now not everyone will lose money just most of them so if you do no like the idea of losing your money in the casino well then try visiting a strip club where you still may spends lots of money but you will have a unforgettable great time. Not sure if you are ready to venture into a strip club well perhaps after you read my 5 best reasons to visit Las Vegas Strip clubs you will be eager to do so.

Reason number one is to take advantage of a free limousine ride to and from the club. Many people have never experienced riding in a limousine and now you can do so and in most cases it will be free of charge. The reason that is possible is many strip clubs had to kick it up a bit since the economy tanked in 2008 and one way they did so was by offering free limo rides to and from the club. Such strip clubs such as Crazy Horse III, the Spearmint Rhino and many more offer free transportation making it more appealing to visit their club over others. This is also a great way to avoid the costly cover charge as in most cases you will also be waived of the standard admission fee making this a great value.

The second reason is to eat a great steak. Yes some Las Vegas strip clubs also contain a high end steakhouse that offers great food with a sexy atmosphere. Want to have a great dinner in Las Vegas then you may want to dine at Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse where you will experience great food in a luxurious environment. Many of the large upscale strip clubs now offer great food and I am not talking about your average bar food.

Reason number three is strip clubs have now become respectful places that offer great entertainment for both men and women. What once was considered seedy and immoral businesses to patronize has evolved into upscale clubs that are couple friendly and offer a clean and safe environment. Such clubs as Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club or OG Gentlemen’s Club are great examples.

Reasons to Visit Las Vegas Strip ClubThe fourth reason is to personally experience the high energy excitement that many of the gentlemen’s clubs of Las Vegas have to offer. Many years ago strip clubs were small, dark and smoky but today they are huge places that offer as much excitement and vibe as any of the major nightclubs or dance clubs in Vegas can offer. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club as well as Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club contains 70,000 square feet making them the largest strip clubs in America definitely something to see firsthand.

The fifth and last reason to visit a strip club is because you are in Las Vegas and if you are not careful you will end up losing, I mean spending all your money in the casino within hours. Hey you are in “Sin City” so you want to do some things that you will not and can not do back home and going to a gentlemen’s club may just be what you need. Trust me losing money in a casino really stinks you will be happier if you get out and spread some of the money around in strip clubs.

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