What Happens in the Strip Club Stays in the Strip Club

Girls of Glitter Gulch

20 Fremont St   Las Vegas, NV   (702) 385-4774

 Club Type  Alcohol  Age  Club Status
 Cover   Hours
 Topless  Yes  21+  Casual  No 2 Drink Min 1 PM – 4 AM 

 Girls of Glitter Gulch


The Girls of Glitter Gulch Downtown’s Only Strip Club

Here we have an unique strip club that opened in 1991. What make this unique is that this was once a small casino on Fremont Street that instead of expanding and trying to compete with other downtown casinos it decided to become a topless bar and the rest is history.

The Girls of Glitter Gulch is about 6500 square feet which by today standards makes it a smaller club but is does have 1 large main stage and 3 smaller ones. Although not as luxurious as Treasures Gentlemen’s Club or nowhere close to the size of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club it still is nice strip club that displays an enormous amount of  stunningly beautiful dancers.

There never is a cover charge but when you enter you will be seated by one f the beautiful cocktail waitresses and then required to purchase 2 drinks which are in the neighborhood or $10 each.

Due to the unique location being right in the middle of the downtown gaming district there will be tourist, many of which are couples who spur of the moment wander in taking a break from the casinos.

Girls of Glitter Gulch Location

Located in the midst of the Fremont Street Experience this strip club is a simple walking distance from just about all of the downtown Las Vegas hotels.  So if you are staying downtown you can easily access this club without worrying about driving, parking or utilizing a taxi cab.

 Casino Property
 Distance From Glitter Gulch Girls
 Downtown Las Vegas  About 0 Miles
 Stratosphere       (North End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 2 Miles
 Wynn Las Vegas  (North Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 5.5 Miles
 Caesars Palace   (South Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 6 Miles
 MGM Grand        (South End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 7 Miles


The Girls of Glitter Gulch Dancers

There are many beautiful dancers found here but do expect to encounter as many as you would at Sapphire or at Cheetahs but definitely enough to keep the average man satisfied. The dancers are topless with many aggressively trying to sell lap dances after all it is Las Vegas. No food is available but you are next door to many downtown casinos that have several restaurants.

Now keep in mind  the Girls of Glitter Gulch is right in the midst of the Fremont Street Experience so you also have the nightly lights shows and several free concerts as well.


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