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How to Avoid that Costly Las Vegas Strip Club Cover Charge

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strip club cover charge Las VegasLas Vegas is famous for so many things and yes strip clubs is one of those things. There are approximately 23 strip clubs open for business throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Yes a few Las Vegas strip clubs recently closed bringing the total number down sad but true.

Over the last decade we have seen many of these strip clubs transform into large luxurious clubs that offer many fine amenities and feature hundreds of beautiful dancers but with that comes a hefty cover charge to enter the club. Typically the cover charge for most of the upscale strip clubs in Vegas is $30. So if four men decide to go out and party at one of the better strip clubs it will cost $120 for all four of them to get through the door.

That is a lot of money to fork over tow walk through the door all before you get anything to drink or even take a peak at any of the girls. Oh but relax as there is a way to bypass that cover charge and in some cases even get a free ride to and from the strip club, let me tell you how.

Recently many of the larger strip clubs began providing transportation to and form the club. You may reserve a free ride in a limousine or a shuttle van depending on the club and best of all get in the door for free.

You are probably wondering why would they do this after all does this not cost them money? The truth is this new practice saves them money and helps to build their business at the same time. There are two reasons for this, let me explain.

The first reason to offer free transportation is that the economy since 2007 has been quite challenging causing many financial troubles in Las Vegas and the strip clubs are no exception. In the earlier part of the last decade several new upscale strip clubs opened for business in Las Vegas after all the town was booming with new hotels every year. Now with the economy being so challenging strip clubs have to create more of an incentive to get people to come in and getting a free limo ride to a strip club along with free admission is a strong incentive for most guys to pull money out of the ATM and spend an evening at the strip club.

The second reason has to do with the taxi cab drivers of Las Vegas. You see for a longtime now taxi cab drivers have played a huge part in the success of Las Vegas strip clubs. Many times a taxi driver will pick up a group of men from an upscale Las Vegas hotel who just want to be taken to a really good strip club. These guys will not have a clue on which club to go to and rely completely on the taxi driver to connect them with a worthy club.

What happens next is the taxi driver will take the guys to a club that gives him a bonus or kickback usually about $100 or so which is pretty close to what the cover charge is for 4 people to get into the club. If the strip club refuses to pay the taxi driver a bonus then chances are no more taxis will bring any future business to that club.

This is why many upscale strip clubs will provide free transportation and waive the cover charge all so they will not have to rely on and pay the sketchy taxi driver to bring them customers. Many times if an individual arrives to the club by any method other than a taxi they will also waive the cover charge. But come to the strip club by taxi and you will for sure pay that $30 cover charge as it mostly likely will end up going right the taxi driver’s pocket for bringing you there.


List of Strip Clubs that offer Free Transportation:



This my friend is why you never want to tell a Las Vegas taxi driver to take you to the best strip club in town as you will end up where the driver gets paid not necessarily the best strip club. That is just the way it is, several lawsuits later nothing has changed.

So, if you are coming to Las Vegas and plan on going to a strip club then first review Las Vegas strip clubs and then select one you wish to visit and contact them and schedule a free ride to and from the club. You may not only get free transportation but free admission as well.

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