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Little Darlings

1514 Western Ave     Las Vegas, NV     (702) 366-0959   www.littledarlingsvegas.com

 Club Type  Alcohol  Age  Club Status
 Cover   Hours
 Nude  No  18+  Casual  No * $33 11 AM – 6 AM

LIttle Darlings Las Vegas


Little Darlings a Totally Nude Las Veags Strip Club

Little Darlings is a fully nude adult strip club that does not serve alcohol. Little Darlings offers private show booths, fantasy rooms, movie rooms and a shower room. There is a large stage and many young ladies to entertain you plus there are luxurious VIP rooms for a more personal experience. Located just to the west of Stratosphere, Little Darlings is open 11 am – 6 am Monday to Saturday and 6 pm – 4 am on Sunday.

There is also an 24 hour adult store that has books, DVDs, toys, video arcade, theater and gifts right next door and yes Little Darlings offers free limousine service and shuttle service to and from the club. They also offer many affordable VIP packages to choose from.

Note this is a popular place that high school students will go to when they turn 18 so do not be surprised to see a young crowd here. Also many of the dancers will be under 21 as this is what we call a juice bar. This all nude club is under the same ownership as Deja Vu Showgirls and offers an experience that is somewhat like the Can Can Room just with a more larger and vibrant atmosphere plus many more dancers.

Be sure to visit their website where you can obtain free admission passes and to learn about any upcoming specials.

* Admission is $22 plus $11 for unlimited non alcohol drinks making a total of $33. Locals with Nevada ID get in for free but still pay $11 for unlimited non alcohol drinks.

Little Darlings Location

This totally nude strip club is located just NW of the intersection of Wyoming Ave and Western Ave. Travel 1/2 mile south on Western Ave and you be at Cheetahs or travel 3/4 mile east on Wyoming Ave and you will be at Olympic Gardens. You can see that there is stiff competition nearby so if you visit here and soon realized you rather be at a strip club that serves alcohol you have 2 good ones very close by.

For directions is easiest to take Las Vegas Blvd and then turn west onto Wyoming Ave then turn north onto Western Ave. Not that hard to find just keep in mind that this strip club is located north of the gaming district on the Las Vegas Strip and south of downtown Las Vegas.

 Casino Property
 Distance From Little Darlings
 Downtown Las Vegas  About 2 Miles
 Stratosphere       (North End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 1 Miles
 Wynn Las Vegas  (North Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 3 Miles
 Caesars Palace   (South Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 3.5 Miles
 MGM Grand        (South End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 5 Miles


The Young Women of Little Darlings

Many years ago when this strip club opened they would advertise they feature a hundred beautiful girls and three ugly ones. I thought that was funny and clever as no matter where you go there are always a couple of dancers that just aren’t attractive.

Anyway, this is not a huge but a fairly good size place so you will find many young dancers who strip down to the nude. This is an 18 and up strip club so that means no alcohol and usually means younger dancers many under the age of 21. That is not a bad thing but just keep in mind.

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