What Happens in the Strip Club Stays in the Strip Club

Power Exchange

3610 South Highland Dr   Las Vegas, NV   (702) 255-4739

 Club Type  Alcohol  Age  Club Status
Pansexual  No  18+  Upscale  No Closed


Power Exchange


* Update About the Current Power Exchange Closure

Most of you have probably are aware that this club was raided on July 17, 2013 by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Homeland Security and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Busting open doors and shooting tear gas, now that is a lot of police force for a swingers club, oops I mean pan-sexual club.

Turns out they were not raided concerning sexual on goings, they were raided in part of a investigation of manufacturing synthetic drugs. Now that puts a whole different perspective on things.

Here is the story as we know it. The founder and previous owner sold this Las Vegas club location as part of an attractive cash deal. The new owner whose background consisted of owning several pipe and tobacco shops took over possession of the Power Exchange building and a warehouse in the back.

It allegedly appears that the new owner may have wanted to use the warehouse to manufacturer synthetic drugs and then launder the money through the Power Exchange business. Not a bad strategy since this sex club consistently lost thousands of dollars every month.

Police had a field day going through the warehouse and confiscated all kinds of synthetic drugs and manufacturing devices to create them. Of course the new ownership is claiming that the drugs and equipment were there when he took possession, good luck with defense.

So as far as we can tell the club is closed and have no idea what the future holds. There has been no recent news about the investigation.  If you have any credible info please share but only if you have documented proof such as local news articles, we are not interested in hearsay.

Source: http://www.americanlowlife.com/ap/news?N=2940

What Is Was Power Exchange?

Power Exchange is a huge * pan-sexual (the sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of all gender identities and biological sexes) club, over 12,000 square feet decorated with erotically themed rooms from a little girls room to a mid-evil dungeon. This club is kinda like the Red Rooster or Green Door provided those clubs were injected a heavy dosage of bizarre kinkiness and BDS&M.

Once you enter you notice how it is somewhat dark. The lights are really dim here. Then you start to see there are many and I many themed rooms. There are several televisions in the place showing adult films. It is two levels. On the first level they have what they call a bar. This is an alcohol free place but you can get soda, water or other non alcohol drinks. Also on this first level you will find two large rooms or perhaps you could call them two large dungeons. Here there are bondage racks, swings, all kinds of BDS&M gadgets. Its like out of movie or so. There are also some small themed rooms with a bed and chair.

There are two stairwells that go to the second level. Here you find a large open room with stripper pole, small dance stage and loud music. Off the to the side are like swingers bedrooms with no doors. There gets to be plenty of action up here. Then you have a hallway where with several more rooms. One of the rooms is like a 1950’s soda shop complete with pool table. Another room is dungeon themed with huge coach and large flat screen TV showing more adult films. There is a couples only room and another playroom with couches.

Swingers clubs do not have all these themed rooms nor do they have the wide range of patrons that you find here. Beware, Power Exchange is very open minded. It is open to heterosexuals, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans gender. Guys, do not be surprised if a trans sexual starts coming onto you. If that is uncomfortable for you then this place is not for you. Just about anything goes here so be prepared.

Since there is no alcohol here you only has to be 18 years of age to enter. Most of the people I saw were between 28-45 years of age along with a group a over 60 perverted men. It is amazing that a businessperson would spend this kind of money in such a risky adventure, this is definitely something to see. If this sounds interesting to you give Power Exchange a try.

Power Exchange Location

Power Exchange is located just west of the Las Vegas Strip and west of I-15.  It is just north of Rio Suites & Casino in a commercial type neighborhood. Tourist, for the most part you will need to drive yourself or take a cab. Only if you are staying at Gold Coast or Rio could you walk there, not recommended. It is Not located in the gaming district.

 Casino Property
 Distance From Power Exchange
 Downtown Las Vegas
 About 5 Miles
 Stratosphere       (North End of Las Vegas Strip)
 About 3.5 Mile
 Wynn Las Vegas  (North Central Las Vegas Strip)
 About 1.5 Miles
 Caesars Palace   (South Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 2 Miles
 MGM Grand        (South End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 3.5 Miles


The Future of Power Exchange Las Vegas

We really do not know the future of this pan-sexual club. As far as we can tell it is still closed and there has not been any recent news stories about the fate of this club or its ownership. Pretty bizarre story, if you have any credible information please do share with us via the About / Contact Us page.