What Happens in the Strip Club Stays in the Strip Club

Pussycats Adult Night Club

3525 Procyon St     Las Vegas, NV     (702) 255 -7777

 Club Type  Alcohol  Age  Club Status
 Cover   Hours
 Fully Nude  No  18+  Dive  No $10 9 PM – 5 AM

Pussycat's Adult Night Club


Let’s Take a Real LooK at Pussycat’s Adult Night Club

This is a small 2 story strip club that features totally nude dancers. The bar is a juice bar as no alcohol is served therefore anyone over 18 years of age can enter the club and dancers need to only be 18 years of age to perform.

Pussycats is a dive and by Las Vegas standards is a less than desirable club. This place is known for expensive cover charge and pricey non alcohol drinks which would be normal if they featured numerous beautiful dancers that know how to rock a man’s world but they only have a handful of young, inexperienced average looking at best dancers.

On the other hand, if you do not drink alcohol beverages and you prefer to view young dancers who still look like they are in high school then you maybe happy with what is offered here. This is no where as bad as Diamond Cabaret but Pussycat’s make its money from unknowing or ignorant tourists who think that all Las Vegas strips clubs are the same. Many of the patrons found here are tourists brought in by cab drivers.

Pussycat’s Adult Night Club Location

Located near Play It Again Sam’s this small strip club is just southwest of the intersection of Spring Mountain Rd and Procyon St. This is short distance from Treasure Island, just a tad over 1 mile making is easy access from several of the strip hotels. Power Exchange is close by as well as the Adult Superstore and Zombie Apocalypse Store.

 Casino Property
 Distance From Pussycats
 Downtown Las Vegas  About 4.5 Miles
 Stratosphere       (North End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 3 Mile
 Wynn Las Vegas  (North Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 1.5 Miles
 Caesars Palace   (South Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 1.5 Miles
 MGM Grand        (South End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 3 Miles


The Dancers of Pussycat’s Adult Night Club

Expect the dancers to be young not as experienced as those in a major strip club. Some guys claim they like going to Pussycat’s because the dancers are not aggressive but rather passive not trying to sell lap dances every 5 minutes which often is the case in the big competitive clubs like Badda Bing or even Girls of Glitter Gulch.

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