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Red Rooster

6405 Greyhound Ln    Las Vegas, NV    (702) 451-6661   www.vegasredrooster.com

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 Swingers  No  25+  Casual  No See * 8 PM – 3 AM

 Red Rooster Las Vegas


Red Rooster Swingers Club

The Red Rooster is the oldest and most well known swingers establishment in Las Vegas. Since 1982 Mike and Chris have opened their home to some of the most erotic experiences in Las Vegas. With over 13,000 square feet, hot tub, pool, pool table, couples area the Red Rooster is the original Las Vegas swingers club. The Rooster’s hours are 9 PM – 2 AM Monday through Thursday, 8 PM – 3 AM Friday & Saturday, 6 PM – 11 pm for hot tub Sundays.

There are so many things that make this swingers club unique and unforgettable. One is that this is the house where Mike and Chris reside. Back in 1982 this home was isolated in the southeast part of the Las Vegas Valley. Their once modest home has grown into a huge adult playground visited by folks from all over the world. As you can imagine by now there are modern neighborhoods all around surrounding their large property but don’t let that keep you away as this unique situation creates a better more intimate atmosphere then you will find at the Green Door, far better then will find at Fantasy Swingers Club and even better then Sexcess.

Folks, this is the granddaddy of swinger clubs and has the reputation that most swinger clubs only dream of. This is the place where you will encounter those who are serious about swinging and not there just to watch. Many of those who visit here are more mature and it is suggested that you be at least 25 years of age. If you are interested in the lifestyle then you must visit the Red Rooster and see how it really works.

The Red Rooster operates by donations, the suggest donation are as follows:

* Suggested donations for couples Monday through Saturday is $30 and on Sunday night the donation is $20. Local couples who donate $30 get access for all the parties for that week except for Sunday night all other nights hours are 8 PM to 3 AM.

Suggested donations for Single Women Monday through Saturday night is $5.00 and Sunday night is Free!

Suggested donations for single men Monday through Thursday nights is $40, Friday and Saturday nights is $50 and on Sunday nights is $30, active military $20. Sunday night hours are 6 PM – 11 PM.

Red Rooster Location

Las Vegas premiere swingers club is located in the southeast portion of the beautiful Las Vegas Valley. About 1.25 miles southeast of the intersection of Boulder Hwy and Tropicana Ave this swingers club is in a residential neighborhood but is a spacious home with lots of parking.

The closest hotels are Eastside Cannery, Sam’s Town and Arizona Charlie’s Boulder. The Rooster attracts many locals and tourist, several tourist will arrive here by taxi cab as many cabbies are familiar with the Rooster.

 Casino Property
 Distance From Red Rooster
 Downtown Las Vegas  About 10.5 Miles
 Stratosphere       (North End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 9 Miles
 Wynn Las Vegas  (North Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 9.5 Miles
 Caesars Palace   (South Central Las Vegas Strip)  About 9 Miles
 MGM Grand        (South End of Las Vegas Strip)  About 8 Miles


Why Visit Red Rooster?

This is the best swingers club in Las Vegas, the original and in operation for over 30 years. Today swingers clubs exist in just about all major cities but they are nothing more than a dim lit commercial building with cheap sexual decor. The Rooster is the real home of some serious swingers and they know how to please by offering such amenities as a indoor pool, hot tub and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights a live band.

This is a friendly, comfortable and best of all safe environment where open minded adults can come to share new sexual experiences. Locals, tourist and whose no what else frequent this swingers club.


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