What Happens in the Strip Club Stays in the Strip Club

Las Vegas Strip Clubs Located on Industrial Road

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There are over 30 strip clubs in Las Vegas that is if you include those swinger clubs and other sexually based social clubs. Now that is a lot of sexually oriented businesses but what is even more impressive is just how many of these strip clubs are located so close together.

In this article we are going to examine and review how the many strip clubs that are located on Industrial Rd. Industrial is a well traveled secondary road that is about ½ west of the Las Vegas Strip and runs parallel with the Strip. Basically Industrial runs along the backside of many of the major hotels that are on the west side of the strip which makes it a desirable to street for strip clubs.

Currently there are 4 strips clubs on Industrial Rd and they span just a tad over 1 mile. There are also adult bookstores and boutiques but we are just focusing on the strip clubs.

So our journey shall start from where Fashion Show Dr intersects with Industrial and we will then head north to Sahara Ave. As you may guess by the street name this is pretty much behind the Fashion Show Mall.

The first strip club on Industrial is Déjà vu Showgirls. This a small to medium size strip club that features topless dancers over the age of 21, There is 1 large stage, a small stage to the side, a full bar that serves alcohol drinks and offers bottle service. Nothing luxurious here just your basic Vegas strip club that has VIP packages and numerous specials.

Next we only need to travel about 800 feet northward and we come the Can Can Room. This strip club has existed for over 30 years and features totally nude dancers in a non alcohol environment. Since no alcohol is served the dancers only need to at least 18 years of age. The Can Can Room is a simple walk from Déjà vu Showgirls.

Now we go 1300 feet northward on Industrial Rd and we come the world’s largest strip known as Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Guys this is just a wee bit over ¼ mile from the Can Can Room, a simple stroll and you at one of the premiere strip clubs in Las Vegas. Sapphire is huge, 70,000 square feet huge and feature hundreds of attractive topless dancers who are at least 21 years of age and there are many bars inside that serve numerous alcohol drinks and provide top of line bottle service.

industrialstripclubsThat was 3 strip clubs all in walking distance to each other but the fourth strip club on Industrial Rd is a little bit further to the North. If you precede ¾ of a mile northward from Sapphire you will come the latest Las Vegas strip club that open in June 2013. The name of the strip club is The Horse Gentlemen’s Club and it is where the Crazy Horse Too was once located. This is good size club that has many topless dancers 21 and up as well as serves alcohol. The Horse is attempting to capture all the buzz and excitement that the Crazy Horse Too had a decade ago but for now we will wait and see how the do.

Perhaps that is a little far for some of you to walk but still the distance is very close. There you have 4 Las Vegas strip clubs in just a little over 1 mile providing those who enjoy erotic entertainment several choices for the evening.